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Horse Boarding at Thal Equine


To learn more call our office at 505-438-6590


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Short & Long-Term Boarding Available


  • Donna TestimonialBeautiful, well-kept facility in a quiet natural environment
  • The property is on 50 acres with quiet and scenic trail riding at north end
  • Outdoor Arena 175 x 80
  • Indoor Arena 125 x 75, partially insulated, good footing
  • Easy access to Albuquerque, the East Mountains, Santa Fe & Northern New Mexico

Boarding Includes:

  • Daily supervision of horses by veterinary staff
  • AM & PM hay feedings, hay provided by us
  • Blanketing, as needed
  • Feeding of supplements & grain, provided by owner
  • Access to Outdoor Arena, Indoor Arena & Private Trail
  • Use of Tack Rooms, Wash Area, Adobe Courtyard
  • Trailer Parking Available
  • Solitude Feed- Through Fly Prevention, Provided by Us During Fly Season
  • Trainers Welcome (with proof of adequate liability insurance)
  • Turnout, Minimum 2x per week
  • Contact Us for Rates




This is a professional veterinary facility. Dr. Thal lives on site and oversees the management of the boarded horses here. Dr. Thal has been a horseman his entire life and an equine vet for 22 years. So your horses are in good hands.

You don’t need to worry about the little things because our priority is equine health and the knowledge and caring are there. We care about horses, the land, and treating one another with respect and kindness. Our emphasis is on horsemanship – Dr. Thal prides himself on calm, confident horsemanship. We promote that here and help you achieve that in any way we can.

Adobe Barn Courtyard

The centerpiece of our boarding facility is a traditional adobe courtyard barn set below ground level.




Our staff are trained to understand horse health, and horses get great care here. We have boarded a number special needs horses here long-term. Some have lived here since we arrived in 2006. We specialize in horses that require observation and maintenance, convalescence or rehabilitation. We provide what we call a “Quick Look” service, meaning that a veterinarian will walk over and take a quick peek at your horse at no charge to you, and help you decide whether the horse needs veterinary care. This is a real money saver for our boarders.

Our emphasis on horse owner knowledge. We believe that a knowledgeable horse owner is a good horse owner. So we make every effort to teach you and make you a partner in your horse’s health. (Dr. Thal is the creator of the most highly rated equine health app in the world, Horse Side Vet Guide.)



Your trainer is welcome here!  We require proof of liability coverage, so be sure to talk to us first before scheduling a lesson.

Our Indoor Arena



Did you know that horses have a higher incidence of problems when their owners are absent and leave them in the care of others?  Consider boarding your horses with us while you are away.  Our experienced staff takes pride in taking great care of your horses, for your peace of mind.  Call us for pricing.


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To learn more call our office at 505-438-6590


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69 Bonanza Creek Road

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508

69 Bonanza Creek Road

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508


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