Thal Equine is a regional equine hospital located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We provide surgical care for equines from as far away as Durango, Colorado, and the surrounding area. Our equine hospital is run by Dr. Douglas Thal who is a licensed DVM in the state of New Mexico and is a qualified equine vet surgeon. He focuses on providing emergency and non-urgent surgical care for horses at the horse surgical center in New Mexico.

At Thal Equine hospital, we focus on the well-being of your horse from the moment you bring them into our clinic. Our staff prepares your horse for surgery in a safe, calm, and efficient fashion. We make it a point to anesthetize your horse slowly and gently as we prepare to put them on the operating table. Once your horse is fully under general anesthesia, our team monitors blood gases, EKG readings, and direct arterial blood pressure. These surgical techniques keep your horse stable while under anesthesia and have a better recovery.

Our equine hospital also handles emergency surgery, including colic. Our equine vet surgeon understands that colic is a time-sensitive issue and is ready to operate on your horse as soon as both of you arrive. We also recognize the fact that horses are capable of sustaining traumatic injuries of all types. Dr. Thal has extensive experience in cleaning up wounds, removing bone fragments, and suturing wounds back together for the best possible outcome.

Dr. Thal is more than an equine vet surgeon. He’s also a recognized expert in performance horse lameness and performs pre-purchase exams for English and Western performance horses. The clinic grounds are designed for both types of examinations and Dr. Thal uses the latest in technology to assess the soundness of a horse. He can provide a comprehensive evaluation of a horse’s current physical condition and its ability to perform now and in the future.

Our team at Thal Equine is committed to providing quality surgical care and recovery for each horse that comes to the clinic for a procedure. Our equine hospital is equipped with the latest in technology and our equine vet surgeon stays up to date on the latest in surgical techniques for the best possible outcome after a surgical procedure. Your horse is given the best post-operative care possible and is put under continual observation to stay on top of any complications that may arise after surgery.

Call us for any type of surgical service or lameness exam your horse needs, even if you’re as far away as Durango, Colorado. We’ll be here waiting for you to arrive so we can take care of an emergency or routine procedure for your horse.

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