Our property borders the Bonanza Creek Ranch and is within sight of the Eaves Movie Ranch. Surrounded by undeveloped lands, private residences and scenic views, our facility is a quiet and spacious place. The property was previously used for boarding and training, which we continue to operate though separate businesses.

Adobe barn, hospital barn, turn outs

Parking area, adobe barn

Equine hospital, facilities view from the north

Equine hospital, facilities view from the south

Equine Hospital

The hospital is located at the east end of the indoor arena with indoor and outdoor stocks, a padded induction/recovery stall, surgical theatre, pharmacy/laboratory and staff office.

Hospital Barn

The hospital barn consists of one large foaling stall & four intensive care stalls equipped with heaters and video cameras. These stalls open up to spacious outdoor runs for fresh air & ventilation. The hospital barn also contains an office/pharmacy annex.

Isolation Stalls

We have two isolation stalls exclusively dedicated for the intensive care of horses that pose an infectious risk.

Adobe Barn

The traditional brick adobe barn consists of a lush courtyard surrounded by eight stalls with a tack room, apartment, kitchen, and storage space. This barn is used for long-term boarding and less intensive veterinary cases.

Indoor Arena

The indoor arena is used for riding and for horse healthcare and nutrition workshops as well as other client seminars. Occasionally the indoor arena has been useful for veterinary cases, especially in poor weather.

Private Residences

Dr. Thal and other trained staff live on-site just a short walking distance from the hospital, which is essential for quick emergency surgical preparation & critical for after-hours monitoring of intensive care cases. We provide the best care 24/7/365.

There are several other horse facilities on the property including two outdoor arenas, three large turnouts, two round pens ideal for lameness and pre-purchase exams, a breeding station and a riding trail, all of which provide an expansive and pleasant horse-friendly atmosphere.