We regularly perform thorough lameness exams and diagnose performance problems on both English and Western performance horses, and we also see horses that have been referred by other vets.

We have the facilities, experience and quality diagnostic tools to make the right diagnosis, and to provide appropriate treatment options and a management plan.

We prefer to do lameness work here at our facility. Our clinic grounds are well suited for lameness work and purchase exams. As of 2020, we have incorporated the Equinosis Lameness Locator  into our exams. Here is an article Dr Thal wrote about his approach to lameness diagnosis.

Thinking of purchasing a horse? We provide comprehensive pre-purchase exams,  and strongly believe in the value of this service. Most of these exams are scheduled here at the clinic.

We recommend the Lameness Locatorby Equinosis as an addition to these exams.  Here is an article Dr Thal wrote about the Purchase Exam.

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A pre-purchase exam is a complete physical exam, in which all areas of the horse’s body are examined prior to purchase. It is conducted by a qualified equine vet surgeon that knows what to look for, especially in regards to equine lameness. That’s why Thal Equine in Sante Fe, New Mexico, includes a lameness exam as part of pre-purchase exams.

Pre-Purchase Exams

We realize that purchasing a performance horse is a costly investment. Furthermore, we understand that the tasks these horses perform are taxing on the body. Therefore, before you buy an animal, you should have it checked out to make sure it’s healthy.

As we conduct the exam, if we discover the animal to be sick or lame, we’ll stop the exam. You only pay for the part of the exam completed up to that point. A pre-purchase exam is well worth the cost. It can save you money in the long run and protect you from buying a sick or lame animal.

Lameness Exam Included in Pre-Purchase Exams

Lameness occurs when the animal is unable to stand or move normally. Often, these issues can go unnoticed until further damage is done. Therefore, it’s better to catch it early on and treat it.

A lameness exam is typically done in two parts. First, a hands-on exam is performed. The different parts of the animal are palpated to check for inflammation or deformity. Then, the animal’s gait is examined at a trot.

The Lameness Locator by Equinosis

Sometimes it may be difficult to detect lameness because it may be missed by the human eye. That’s why we also recommend using the Lameness Locator. It uses motion analysis to detect lameness far faster and better than the human eye can.

We offer the Lameness Locator in addition to the lameness test included in the pre-purchase exam. It provides even more aid in determining lameness. Our Equine hospital has the space and equipment required to perform both lameness tests and pre-purchase exams.

Spot the Problem Early

Having us conduct a pre-purchase exam will help you spot a problem early on. It’s sound investment practice. Plus, it’s good for the animal.

Diagnosing lameness early gives an animal a better chance at recovery. For you the buyer, it keeps you from paying for treatment costs. Overall, it’s the right thing to do.

Contact Thal Equine today to learn more about pre-purchase exams and the Lameness Locator by Equinosis. Our equine hospital serves horses from all over New Mexico to Durango, Colorado.