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As an equine veterinarian and lifelong horseman, I am often dismayed by what I see as a loss of the valuable and critical qualities of horse breeds because breeders select for characteristics of questionable value.  This has certainly happened to the Quarter Horse breed.  Examples include show halter horse breeders that select for pretty heads and huge musculature, sacrificing bone, foot and brains.  The cutting horse industry has selected for very small horses with little foot and bone, and many of them develop lameness issues when asked to perform at expected levels.

My breeding program is about getting back to the basics.  I have historically crossed my broodmares with specific sires that have resulted in a progeny well built for general use, pleasure and Western performance.  I start with Foundation Quarter Horse lines that have a history of time-tested performance and characteristics I personally favor including:

  • Heavy bone and boxy thick joints.
  • Heavy large feet with thick hoof walls and normal hoof conformation.
  • Strong, medium to short backed horses, with long athletic necks that tie high into the chest.
  • No angular limb, flexural deformities or other limb abnormalities.
  • Healthy, sound horses – no lameness.
  • Sensitivity, intelligence, trainability.
  • A natural disposition towards work/performance.

For more about my philosophy on horse breeding, see my article Horse Breeding: Balancing Specific Breed & Specific Goals with an Emphasis on Soundness.

When I am not practicing veterinary medicine, I like to start these horses myself.  I have started young horses since I was 12 years old.  Unfortunately, the pressures of life in the last few years have taken me away from them, and many of these horses have grown-up without much training.  I stopped breeding horses in 2007 because of the surplus of unwanted horses and the poor market.

The older horses that I have started have good ground manners, are trusting but respectful and have the basics under saddle.  See my commentary for each individual horse for specific information about disposition and potential.

My horses have lived most of their lives on the range at 7,000 feet elevation at our family ranch in Northern New Mexico.  All of them have done well on rocky ground and native grasses with little supplementation.  The young horses are raised on pasture, not pampered in a stall. I bring individual horses to our Santa Fe facility periodically for training.  I currently have several horses in Santa Fe that I am training.  If you are interested, give us a call to set up an appointment to see them.  – Dr. Thal

Peekay & Buttercup

Ranch Horses Grazing

Mamas Peekay & Buttercup



I have a strong interest in ensuring that my horses are well-matched with the right buyer. I strongly urge all potential buyers to secure a purchase exam from another experienced equine veterinarian. I look forward to developing a relationship with the new owner, and will always be available to discuss any issues that may arise.

– Jewels Poco Pistol –


1997 Bay Mare. Have a look at these lines. This pretty mare is registered in the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association. She is incredibly well-bred: King’s Pistol, Poco Bueno, Doc O’Lena, Freckles Royal. I have had several foals out of this mare and have been very pleased. She is a riding horse for the right person. 14.3hh/1050 lbs. $1,500.00

AQHA Registration Jewels Poco Pistol
National Foundation QH Assn Registration Jewels Poco Pistol

– Flying X Credit –


2003 Sorrel Mare.  Registered as a sorrel, but heavily roaned out.  This refined mare is extremely smart and trainable.  On the top side, she is a daughter of Flying X 6.  On the bottom side, she is a granddaughter of Genuine Credit, who is a grandson of Genuine Doc.  Both lines are extremely sharp, sensitive performers.  Recently started under saddle and she is doing great.  This mare has real potential for reining or cutting.  15 hh/1000 lbs. $4,000.00

AQHA Registration Flying X Credit

– Four Plum Ginella –


2002 Red Roan Mare. Haythorn bred going back to King, Poco Tivio, and a granddaughter of Tanquery Gin. Great, hard-working but gentle mare.  Athletic and courageous.  Willing to do anything.  Started very late, at 8.5 years but has about 50 rides and is great under saddle.  I recently rode her in a 4 day Buck Brannaman clinic and she and I both learned a lot.  She would make a great trail, rope, pleasure or versatility horse. 15.1 hh/1150 lbs. $5,500.00

AQHA Registration Four Plum Ginella

– Four Shy Chex –

2002 Sorrel Mare.  A big-bodied very well bred foundation type mare that I purchased from the Haythorn Ranch.  She is very gentle and could still make an excellent pleasure horse or Foundation bred brood mare.  Halter-broke only.  15.2 hh/1200 lbs. $800.00

AQHA Registration Four Shy Chex

– My Peppy Luna –

2001 Sorrel Mare.  One of the riding mares that I am very fond of.  A daughter of a reining stallion Peppy Sol Anson out of the same favorite mare as Bugs Phoebe.  I will keep her as a riding mare unless someone really wants her and it is the right fit.  She has produced a single great son.  15.1 hh/1100 lbs. $6,500.00

AQHA Registration My Peppy Luna

– Bugs Phoebe – Sold


1996 Sorrel Mare.  Large sorrel mare with lots of chrome.  She has been my main riding horse.  Race bred on top and foundation bred CS Ranch on the bottom.  I raised her and her mother from foals.  She is excellent under saddle.  She will stop and spin.  She is incredibly gentle and kind and would make everything from a kids horse to the ultimate pleasure or trail mare, and just about anything else.  15.3 hh/1200 lbs. $5,000.00

AQHA Registration Bugs Phoebe

– Fancy San Ico –


2002 Sorrel Mare.  Beautiful large but refined foundation Leo bred sorrel mare.  Would make an excellent Foundation bred brood mare or pleasure horse.  She could still have potential as a Western performer, especially roping, but will require some work and experience to train.  15.3 hh/1200 lbs. $2,000.00

AQHA Registration Fancy San Ico

– FF Joy Pal –


2003 Sorrel Mare.  Haythorn bred, incredibly athletic powerful Foundation bred mare with an edge.  For an experienced rider and trainer only.  She could still make an amazing head horse or ranch horse.  15.2 hh/1250 lbs. $1,500.00

AQHA Registration FF Joy Pal

– Playing Safaris Robin –

2000 Sorrel Mare.  This mare’s pedigree speaks for itself.  She has produced several outstanding progeny.  14.3 hh/1050 lbs. $4,000.00

AQHA Registration Playin Safaris Robin

– DJ Miss Credit –


2005 Buckskin Mare.  An outstanding daughter of A Dandy Rawhide out of a Genuine Credit daughter.  I am really high on this mare.  She is gorgeous, athletic and intelligent.  I am just starting to ride her and I am impressed.  15.2 hh/1200 lbs. $7,000.00

AQHA Registration DJ Miss Credit

DT & Alan Thal

Alan Thal - Cape Hunt & Polo Club Race at Durbanville South Africa 1944 (2)

Alan Thal - Cape Hunt & Polo Club Race at Durbanville South Africa 1944

Doug Thal and his father, Alan Thal, out for a ride on the family ranch – first image. Alan Thal rode steeplechase in South Africa before immigrating to the United States in 1949. He is pictured in the first image at the age of 82 and in the other two images at the age of 19, at the Cape Hunt Polo Club Race in Durbanville South Africa (1944).


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